Therapeutic Exercises & Studio Pilates | Exercise Classes Windsor

Therapeutic Exercise refers to the practice of specific, prescribed exercises that are designed to:

  • help restore movement
  • improve function and strength
  • help promote further physical health and fitness

Our Therapeutic Exercise classes are personalised sessions for people in Windsor and the surrounding Hawkesbury area who are looking for a supported setting that caters to their specific needs. The classes provide an opportunity to develop strength, conditioning and function that has been lost due to an injury, surgery or relevant medical condition.

About Our Therapeutic Exercise Classes:

Our Therapeutic Exercise classes utilise our rehabilitation and Pilates-based studio equipment to help people move their bodies in a safer, more effective and efficient way. We develop structured programs for each individual and their needs, resulting in a highly personalised, focused and tailored experience.

We can also incorporate recommendations prescribed by our clients’ own treating therapists into the classes. This ensures everyone is working on the appropriate musculoskeletal anatomy to help them recover safely and effectively.

Our Therapeutic Exercise classes are offered as either one-on-one sessions or small group classes. Based on your needs and goals, we can recommend an option that will most benefit you.

Private Classes

Private classes are one-on-one sessions where we can focus on you individually and help you to exercise in a safe and supported manner. Private classes may be suitable for clients with more complex injuries or needs.

Small Group Classes

We may recommend that you attend a small group class with people who have similar goals and requirements to you. If placed in one of these classes, there will up to three people per class, so we can focus closely on each participant closely.

Who Are They For?

Our classes are available to people with a wide range of needs and requirements. This includes anyone who is:

  • Suffering with chronic pain
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Unable or unsure of how to engage in exercise in a safe manner independently

Therapeutic Exercise Classes for NDIS Clients

Our Therapeutic Exercise Classes are also available for NDIS clients. Our personalised approach means that we can address your individual needs and provide an exercise program that’s safe and effective.

For more information about how NDIS clients can access Therapeutic Exercise classes, please contact your team at Healthy Living Concepts.

How to Book

Before attending classes, we may recommend booking an initial consultation with our physiotherapist if your injuries or needs are complex. This allows us to get an initial idea of your individual needs and goals. We can then recommend either our one-on-one sessions, small group classes, or larger Spinal Care & Rehabilitation classes.

If you are already currently seeing a physiotherapist or similar, you may not need to see our physiotherapist before commencing classes. Simply get in touch with our team so we can discuss your situation and make a plan that we can work towards together.

For more information about our Therapeutic Exercise and Studio Pilates classes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on (02) 45774458 and we’ll be happy to help you find the right rehabilitation program.